The minority’s claims about the COVID-19 fund expenditure is a drunkard talk – Kusi Boafo

The Chief Executive Officer of the public sector reforms, Thomas Kusi Boafo has described claims by the minority in parliament about the COVID-19 fund’s expenditure as a drunkard talk.

The outspoken political talker reckons the parliamentarians calling on the finance minister Ken Ofori Atta to have answered some questions before the house last Wednesday was a wrong and unprofessional move.

Kusi Boafo speaking on Kessben TV’s Amansan Tie with Akuoko Kwarteng stressed that parliament erred to have gone that tangent of inviting the minister to have answered questions without having any audited accounts before them.

“Accountability is good but it must be taken from the right angle. Parliament was too much in hurry. They should have asked for the audited account of the COVID 19 funds.

They should have had figures then question well but with what they did, they did not have any figures so how do you know if what he said is true or false.

People just wanted to throw tantrums, now the finance minister has done the presentation in parliament so why are they still complaining? What they did was mere political talks, talks for the drunkards” Said Kusi Boafo.

In accounting, there can always be variation which is common but if they have evidence with their claims it is the audited accounts that will show and what are their evidence. He added.


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