Matters Around The NPP National Chairmanship, Prof Ameyaw Akumfi is the Ideal Person – Concerned Grassroot Supporters

THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN Position requires someone who is a father for all, charismatic, brainy, has high level of integrity, tolerant, solid track – record both in the party and in government, accommodative, selfless, fair and firm. The position is not about one who is ”macho”, we need someone who can sit around table with other executives to ascertain the development and progress of the party, especially towards the agenda breaking the 8 and beyond. We need someone who is neutral and he is for all, someone who has presented himself as NKABOM Chairman and has stood the test of time against all odds that he can work with any elected presidential candidate, and work with all elected party officers.

Someone who can speak true to authority, someone who can speak to the presidency, someone who can advice the government and the presidency, someone who can really chair the affairs of the party based on good principles, and the constitutions of the party. The position is not for people who are only seeking their personal interest and turning to achieve their own long – term desires without the interest of the ordinary party faithfuls.

The position requires someone who can lead, who can settle scores, someone who can advice leadership in the party from polling station – constituency- regional – national, someone every level and ranks will listen to and adhere to his directives.

Looking at all these, we have come to the conclusion that it’s only PROF. AMEYAW – AKUMFI who possesses these qualities amongst all the aspirants.

He stands tall.

We, Concerned Grassroot Supporters of NPP, do support PROF to be the next NPP National Chairman and appeal to the Kingmakers (The Delegates) to vote for PROF. AMEYAW – AKUMFI as the next NPP National Chairman.

©️. wE Support PROF!

Ray Charles Marfo

Digital Marketing and Brands Expert

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