‘Drunk’ video of Joyce Blessing was sent to another man, not me – Joyce Blessing’s husband responds

Joyce Blessing’s husband says that the video of a drunk Joyce Blessing professing her love was sent to another man whilst they were married.

Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, known as Dave Joy, has debunked his estranged wife’s management’s press release fingering him as the possible leak of the said video. He also revealed that they were still married, although separated.

“There’s a video circulating on social media. And this morning Joyce’s management has alleged that she made the video for her husband. It is true that Joyce is still my wife because we haven’t dissolved our traditional marriage. She also took me to court, but the issue is still under litigation. So she can refer to me as her husband because she is still my wife,” Dave Joy said in a video he posted online.

He continued to explain events surrounding the ‘distasteful video.’ He pointed out that Joyce’s management’s statement saying “this is an old video of a loving wife expressing private feelings to her husband, and the contents were not meant to be circulated publicly” is false.

“Fellow Ghanaians, my name is Kwabena Adu Gyamfi. I am not Kwame. Joyce, you didn’t make the video for me. You sent it to Kwame. You know the Kwame that you made the video for.
This issue is old. I wouldn’t have spoken about it, but you accused me of being the recipient of the video. So I want to absolve myself.

“You didn’t make the video for me. You made it for Kwame. The ring you had in the video is the ring I put on your finger as my wife. So you were married to me when you made that video,” Dave Joy concluded.

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