GTEC Holds Media Sensitisation Workshop On Its Mandate And Operations

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission has held its media sensitization on its mandate and operation. The sensitisation media meeting which was held to help establish local acceptance of quality assurance at its conference hall in East Legon, Following the assertion of His Excellency President Nana Akufo Addo to the education regulatory bodies in Act 1023 on 21st August 2020.

The establishment in Ghana Tertiary Education (GTEC) as a merged ability from the erstwhile national council for tertiary education (NCTE) and the national accreditation board (NAB) for reasons, giving the board mandate to regulate Tertiary Education in all its forms with the view to promote efficient and effective management, provision of consistent quality etc.
Speaking at the event, the Director General for GTEC , Professor Mohammed Salifu said the motive behind this is to explore the provision made in Act 1023 to GTEC with all mandate to execute and regulate Tertiary Education.

Prof. Mohammed Salifu explained that their regulatory function is to ensure implementation of standards and norms, approve establishment of TEIs etc and also has the accreditation to regulate the use of higher education nomenclature and titles.

According to him, section 36 of Act 1023 gives them all the power to sanction any institution operating a TEI or Runs a TE program without accreditation or adhering to the rules and regulations of TE.

Professor Mohammed Salifu addressing the issue said to attain this and fish out these institutions regulating without any approve establishment, he requests of the media to go in partnership with them to be able to effectively discharge the enormous mandate effectively and also to help eternal vigilance of TELs.

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