Bad Officiating: Punish Ghanaian referees but don’t publish their names – RT. Ref Osei Nsiah

Retired Ghanaian referee Osei Nsiah has suggested to the Ghana Football Association not to publish the names of the referees they punish.

According to the former chairman of RAG, when these referees who are punished are made known to the general public, it demoralised their confidence.

Osei Nsiah speaking on Kessben FM’s Extra Time sports stressed that the punishment to defaulting referees should be in a correctional form but not a punishment that kills their spirit.

“Punishing referees is okay but when they punish these referees, they should not make it public, they should stop publishing the names of the referees they punish.

The referee has made mistake and you go out to inform the whole public, if he comes back from the punishment, no club will even want that referee to officiate their game. It destroys and kills the confidence of the referees” He stated.


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