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Ada: Husband Stabs Wife to Death after Brawl (Video)

A man believed to be in his late thirties has ended the life of his wife following a misunderstanding between the two in Ada.

Neighbours say they heard the strange noise in the wee hours of Monday which prompted them to have inquired what was happening in the room of the couple but the man came out and said nothing was going on.

After the door of the man’s room was forcibly opened by the concerned neighbours, it was learnt that he had stabbed his wife to death.

According to the neighbours, the couple had issues 3 months ago which was resolved by the elders of their family so the action of the man came as a big shock to them.

After their issues were resolved, the late wife had to take the husband to the hospital for medical treatment when the man fell sick only to be discharged and later stab her.


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