Plans to subsidise Tanzania stadiums panned

Opposition parties in Tanzania have criticised the government’s plan to use taxpayers’ money to renovate stadiums, including some owned by the ruling CCM party.

Tanzania is pushing to upgrade its sports facilities as a strategy to enable it qualify to host big tournaments including the Africa Cup of Nations in 2027.

While presenting his ministry’s budget estimates, the minister for culture and sport asked the parliament to approve a sum of 10bn shillings ($4.2m; £3.4m) to repair seven playgrounds, five of which belong to CCM.

This has provoked a sharp response from members of the opposition who describe the plan as misappropriation of public funds.

A spokesman from the opposition ACT Wazalendo party said the government should return the ownership of the grounds before renovating them.

The Chadema party’s John Mrema called on parliament to reject the proposal saying it was unacceptable to use taxpayers’ money to repair private-owned facilities.

The ministry has defended its proposal, saying the amenities will be used by Tanzanians and not just by CCM members.

source: bbc

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