Savannah Region has only one patrol vehicle – Police

The Savannah Regional Police Public Affairs Director, Inspector Owusu Agyekum, has revealed that the entire Savannah Regional Police Command has just one vehicle.

He said this on 3FM’s Sunrise hosted by Alfred Ocansey on Monday May 30

The highways in the region, according to the Police, are prone to armed robbery attacks but police do not have vehicles for constant patrols.

“The number of vehicles we have as a regional command is a problem so we are making use of the little that we have. I am making this appeal to the companies in and around the region.

“There are several mining companies in that area. They should help us with vehicles. We don’t have to always rely on the government for vehicles. So we are appealing to them. We don’t have vehicles for patrols.

“we have only one regional command car which is at Bole. The Wa Regional patrol also brought one vehicle to help us and we don’t have a patrol vehicle on the Tamale-Wa highway. We are handicapped when it comes to patrols on the highways,” he said.

He added that “in Bole-Bamboi…the district also has one car which they use to support the region.

“When it is market days, the Bole-Bamboi vehicle must go to the villages to escort market women to and from their various destinations so the Bole-Bamboi car also has a lot to do”.


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