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Students Celebrate after killing a big snake which allegedly bit the testicle of their colleague (Video)

Students of Assin Fosu College of Education have killed a very big snake that is alleged to have bitten the testicle of their colleague a fortnight ago.

A level 300 student of the college who was easing himself on an abandoned toilet facility on campus had his testicle bitten by a snake.

Weeks on, the students have killed a big snake around the abandoned toilet. According to Kessben FM’s reporter in Asin, one of the students went again to the abandoned facility to ease himself and fortunately for him, he saw a big snake around the roof.

He quickly left the facility and rushed to tell his colleagues about what he had seen inside the facility.

The other students came with twigs, stones and machetes to deal with the snake. So tactful of the students, they were able to kill the snake.


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