J. Dasebre Writes✍🏽Why Wontumi and Abronye?

Having observed the ongoing NPP regional election, which is almost complete, I am sure in stating that Abronye and Wontumi will be elected as our Chairman for the Ashanti Region and the Bono Region, respectively, breaking the 8-member tie.
These two constitute one of the NPP’s pillars. Abronye has the ability to communicate and translate to the typical Ghanaian, as well as the confidence to compete with the NDC’s diabolical communicators. Chairman Wontumi disproves the notion that the New Patriotic Party is an elite political party filled with eloquent leaders. Thanks to this, the average Ghanaian with a modest level of education can finally feel at peace within the NPP. Additionally, he is not afraid to instil fear into the hearts of NDC members, which is an advantage.
We, as a political party and as politicians, must know the essence of Ghanaian politics in order to be efficient in our work. We fail to give Ghanaians with fundamental knowledge and information, hence it should come as no surprise that we continue to lose power to the incompetent and desperate NDC every eight years.
Sammy Gyemfi is currently in a dominant position in the Ghanaian political landscape because he provides the people with what they want.
It is my hope that the current electoral process will provide us with some insight. Politics is not about the claimed degree of literacy of some individuals; rather, it is about PEOPLE and how to interact with them.

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