Help Us Prevent Terrorism In Ghana – Security Minister Appeals To Chief Imam

The minister of National Security Mr Albert Kan Dapaa paid a courtesy call on the Chief Imam Alhaji Nuhu Sharabutu and asked him to reach out to his large following to be alert and agile for possible Terrorists attacks on the country. According to the minister, the Chief Imam is one of the leaders his ministry has selected among others to get in touch to create the awareness for his following to be vigilant to announce any strange and suspicious movement and or characters who may be responsible for the envisioned attacks.

The minister said they have in mind to rope in all leaders of religion, chieftaincy, politics, CSOs, Queenmothers, etc , who would be consulted and contacted to lead the crusade for the ‘See Something Say So’mething’ campaign.

He assured the chief Imam that Ghana is fully alert and not taking any thing lightly but as he put it, security matters are a collective responsibility for all citizens so all must be on deck to assist.He called report of all suspected characters found loitering or wandering about .He confirmed the recent Terrorists attacks in our close neighborhood that makes our situation precarious and susceptible to such attacks in future.

He asserted that Terrorists normally strike at odd time mostly victims unaware and so every Ghanaian is to be on the lookout for its possible occurance. The minister asked the Chief Imam to use his influence and authority to send the message to all Moslems communities , towns, districts, regions to create awareness and the necessary sensitisation to assist his ministry avert something of the sort. In his response, the Chief Imam accepted the challenge and assured the minister of his readiness to inform his following to be alert and nosy in their communities.

He said God did not create humans to fight and kill one another so all these acts of voilence and destruction is not from God He therefore told the minster that he will pray to God to intervene to save the country from such attacks. According to the Chief Imam God has blessed Ghana and there’s no way any attackers can descend on us to destroy the country. He prayed for the delegation and asked them to take heart as God is in control .

The chief Imam alluded to the importance of peace and security i. the country that cannot be toyed with. According to him he delights in seeing Moslems and Christians in Ghana in coexistence which is the envy of other countries in the world. He wished the country well and said everyone is safe.

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