The Sparkling Records Of YEA CEO Vrs The Shameful Records Of NPP CEO

Since Lawyer Justin Frimpong Kodua (JFK) became CEO of YEA, every single job opening at YEA has been given directly to the party at the grassroots;

  1. In May 2017, Beneficiary Monitoring Assistants were recruited and it was the MPs together Constituency Executives that presented 2 strong party people per constituency.
  2. When District Directors were being recruited months later, JFK made sure that it was the MPs and Constituency Executives that presented party faithfuls for the said position.
  3. When the time was due for Beneficiaries to be recruited, JFK made sure that MMDCES, Regional Executives, MPs, Constituency Executives and other appointees were given quota to present party faithfuls.
  4. TESCON folks were priority relative NSS matters at YEA and many of them were been given permanent jobs including myself.
  5. Clearly, there was a deliberate plan to give job opportunities to party faithfuls.

However, same cannot he said about John Boadu (JB) as the General Secretary/ CEO of the party in government. As General Secretary, JB sits in Cabinet meetings and influence decision making including the appointment of Ministers, MMDCES, CEO of Parastatals etc. But sadly, JB has failed in his role as CEO of the party in that;

  1. There has been hundreds of thousands of jobs created in MDAs but he couldn’t push for such jobs to be given to hardworking party faithfuls.
  2. The security services (Police, Immigration, Fire Service, Prison Service, Customs, Army) have done dozens of enlistments since 2017 but JB has failed to get quota for constituencies, MPs etc.
  3. Until it became apparent that he will lose the imminent General Secretary contest, JB set out to deceive party executives in the last enlistment into the security services. He gave quotas to the constituencies and MP but 90% of the list submitted by the constituencies and MPs to him didn’t go through. The shameful explanation he gave was that the party faithfuls presented by the MPs and constituencies didn’t qualify.
  4. So under JB, party faithfuls must be smart and exceptionally intelligent before they can be given protocol into security services. This is disheartening and insulting.
  5. Since 2017, over 100,000 scholarships have been given to Ghanaians by GETFund, GNPC and Scholarship Secretariat; however, it never happened that JB as the CEO of the party facilitated for quotas to be given to the constituencies, MPs etc. Scholarship acquisition became survival of the fitters and those who knew big men. So a constituency executive in Tumu, Afram Plains, Aowin and other places far from the national capital and doesn’t know any big man was left out in misery.
  6. As the CEO of the party, JB is the cause of the serious apathy in the party. He has failed to show leadership. He has demonstrated loudly that he’s not concerned about the welfare of the party folks and what wil keep the party in power.

Going into 2024 elections we need a General Secretary who:

  1. Will concern himself with the very things that will keep the party in power.
  2. Will push for opportunities to be given to party folks who have worked hard over the years
  3. Will respect party executives and not scam them with security services enlistment slots.

The General Secretary we need to cure apathy in the party and win 2024 is Lawyer Justin Frimpong Kodua (JFK). He has proven records and given the opportunity, he will surely deliver.

Ray Charles Marfo

Digital Marketing and Brands Expert

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