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Sister of the late chief of Suame Makro hijacks corpse of her brother in a feud with council of elders (Video)

Intelligence gathered by the Kessben Breaking News indicates that the funeral of the late chief of Suame Makro, Nana Kwaku Gyamfi was supposed to be held on Tuesday 17th May 2022 but due to a brawl between the family and the traditional leaders of Suame Makro, the funeral had to be delayed.

The council of elders in Suame Makro had already arranged for the said date for the funeral of their late chief but the Sister of the late Chief had a different plan.

While the elders were anticipating for the corpse of the late chief to arrive at the funeral grounds on Tuesday dawn, the sister of the late chief had already seized the mortuary documents to process the release of the late Chief.

According to the sister, the elders did not consult the family of the late chief before setting a date for the funeral of the late Nana Kwaku Gyamfi.

Meanwhile, the elders say they had already informed the Asantehene of the development thus endorsing their date for the funeral.


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