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Manipal Hospitals Trains 1000 Nurses of Ghana under Master Medics Programme in Association with GRNMA

With a continuous attempt to improve referral hospital quality across different parts of the world, Manipal Hospital has launched its Master Medics Programme on the occasion of Nurse’s Day to train medical practitioners in improving the quality and safety of its medical services. This programme is an initiative to improve the quality standards of referral hospitals along with patient-centered outcomes through Manipal Hospitals’ experience and expertise. Over the last 2 years, the need for quality healthcare services has become a major area of concern due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of this programme, the hospital aims to align its commitment to offering equitable, affordable, and quality patient care.

Commenting on the importance of proper medical training, Karthik Rajagopal, Chief Operating Officer, Manipal Health Enterprises, said, “In the last few years, we have realised the need to improve our medical practices to benefit patients. With the new technologies coming into the healthcare space, it is very important to train our medical team to be well-equipped with the latest technologies. With this programme, we aim to prepare not only our experts but also other medical staff members to tackle any situation and cater to the needs of our patients in the best possible way. This initiative will empower staff members to improve their domain knowledge and streamline the hospital process.”

MRS. PERPETUAL OFORI –  AMPOFO , President , Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA), said, Due to the adverse effect of the pandemic in different areas of the healthcare sector, the need for proper alignment of healthcare services has become significant. The programme focuses on not only improving the clinical outcomes but also work on cost and time reduction, along with waste management. With the help of this programme, medical experts along with staff will get a platform to learn the importance of different medical focus areas, which include infection control, basic hospital policies, and procedures. At the same time, it also covers basic nursing training that includes knowledge of hand hygiene practices, needle stick injuries, BMW training, and safe infusion practices. These initiatives will not only groom the nurses to deal with any complicated circumstance but also improve their skills in catering to the needs of the patients.”

About Manipal Hospitals

As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is India’s second-largest multi-specialty healthcare provider treating over 4 million patients annually. With its recent acquisition of a 100% stake in Columbia Asia Hospitals in India, the integrated organization today has an enhanced pan-India footprint with 27 hospitals across 14 cities with 7,000+ beds with a talented pool of 4,000+ doctors and 10,000+ employees. Its focus is to develop an affordable, high-quality healthcare framework through its multispecialty and tertiary care delivery spectrum and further extend it to out-of-hospital care. Manipal Hospitals provides comprehensive curative and preventive care for a multitude of patients from around the globe.

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