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Abossey Okai spare parts dealers clash with authorities over Afienya relocation (Video)

The Abbosey Okai spare parts dealers say they will not be moving an inch from Abossey Okai even after Government’s resolve to resettle them at Afienya.

The National Concerned Spare Parts Dealers apparently threatened to demonstrate if the government fails to rescind its decision to relocate them from Abossey Okai to Afienya.

According to them, relocating from Abbosey Okai Afienya will take them 50 years back and has a great potential of killing their businesses.

One of the members speaking on Kessben TV said if they are to relocate to Afienya which is far from the centre of the city, it will cost him almost GHc5000 weekly on transportation alone.

They say they are ever ready to pay for the new rent charges by the store owners in Abbosey Okai.

According to them, some of their executives are the ones behind this Afienya move because of how the rent charges by landlords have shot up in Abbosey Okai but stressed that relocation can never be a solution.


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