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Why Rejects COVID-19 Vaccination ? – Apostle Kadmiel E .H. Agbelenyo

Unfortunately, Covid-19 have bombarded the entire world, almost infecting and killing more people than those killed during the World Two. It is destroying world economy and plaguing humankind with extreme poverty. Verily, United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Leaders are struggling to destroy Coronavirus on Earth.

Some scientists, philosophers, politicians and others had believed that the Coronavirus, called Covid-19 might be scientically manufactured and developed by the European Political Powers in collaboration with Chinese Scientists. Certain theologians, especially Prophets have believed that Covid-19 Pandemic fulfills the last day Biblical Prophecy, arguing that the enforcement Covid-19 Vaccination by the Government fulfilled Prophecy concerning the Western European Papacy. “And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a Mark in their Right Hand, or in their Foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the Mark, or the Name of the Beast, or the Number of His Name” Rev 13:16-17

Historically, the Roman Christendom was plagued during Pope Pelagius and Greogory’s Papacy, which eventually killed Pope Pelagius in AD 590. “Early in 590 Rome was in agony. The City suffered through the tragedies of floods and the atrocities of War only to be smitten by the relentless spread of the plague. Men felt hardly more than a little soreness of the throat; afterward came the black eruptions and a swift death. The carts were piled high with corpses. People went insane. Rome became a desert, and the Pope himself, Pelagius II, died, screaming in agony” Church History (Bruce L. Shelley), 4th Edition, page 173

In fact, Papal Church had believed that the Almighty God, Christ Jesus, and perhaps Holy Mother Mary, could overpower the deadly plague and saved the citizens of Rome. Thus Pope Greogory the Great, who replaced Pope Pelagius II, organized a three day prayer to stop the 6th Century Plague, but with little divine result. “Yet he began his administration with a public act of humiliation because the Plague had taken the life of his predecessor. Seven processions filed through the streets for three days. Prayers were said; hymns were sung. But to no immediate avail. The Plague continued to ravage the City. Then, mercifully, it seemed to subside” Church History (Bruce L. Shelley), 4th Edition, page 173.

The 14th Century was smitten with the Bubonic Plague, called Black Death Disease that had killed One-Third of the European Citizenry, believed to be predicted in Rev 6: 7-8. “The greatest blow to Fourteenth-Century Europe was the Bubonic Plague, perhaps the worst natural disaster in human history. Known as the Black Death, the Bubonic Plague was carried by fleas on rats. It 6probably first struck in Asia in1331-1332 and moved West acros Russia. Italian ships returning from Black Sea ports carried the Plague to Sicily” A History of the World (Marvin Perry), page190 “In the Autumn of 1347, a fleet of Genoese trading ships loaded with grains left the Black Sea Port of Caffa and set sail for Messina, Sicily. By midvoyage, sailors were falling sick and dying. Soon after the ships tied up at Messina, townspeople, too, began to fall sick and die. Within months, the disease that European called the Black Death was ranging through Italy. By 1348, it had reached Spain and France. From there, it ravage the rest of Europe. One in three people died – a death rate worse than in any war in history” World History (Prentice Hall), page 269

Accordingly Pope Clement VI (1342-1352) called on Christendom to pray for forgiveness. The Pontiff might regretted when his Pilgrims were infected and killed. “From Italy, the Black Death spread across all the Western Europe. People died by the thousands, keeping gravediggers busy night and day. In all, the plague killed more than one third of the population of Europe, an estimated 25 million people…. The Pope called on Christians to pray for forgiveness. In 1348, more than 1 million Pilgrims flocked to Rome. The crowded conditions there increased the spread of the Disease. Only 1 Pilgrims out of 10 survived” World Cultures (Prentice Hall), page 655-556.

The World, both rich and poor was plagued with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) that began from China in Asia. The deadly Virus have destroyed the world’s economy, not sparing the Western European Powerful Nations. Search for Vaccines that can save the world from the scorch of Coronavirus began among the Nations. Although Ghanaian Scientists could not discover any Vaccine, President Akuffo Addo Government had secured various Vaccines to protect Ghanaians. It was refreshingly reported that 12 Million Ghanaians have been Vaccinated against Coronavirus. “A total of 21.1 Million Covid-19 Vaccine doses have been administered across the Country as at last Friday, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has said” Ghanaian Times, Page 21, Monday, February 14, 2022.

Unfortunately, the Statement from Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and Coalition for Public Health and Justice (CPHJ), and published by the Ghanaian Times, may discourage Government fight against Covid-19 Pandemic. If our Health Professionals are against the Covid-19 mandatory Vaccination, then, the effort of the Government is indirectly attacked. “The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has implored Government to withdraw a compulsory vaccine mandate issued to health workers who have not yet Vaccinated” Ghanaian Times, Page 13, Saturday, February 12, 2022. According to CPHJ, the proof of the effectiveness of the Covid-19 Vaccines have not been established. “The President of the Coalition further threatened to sue heads and directors of Institutions if this call was not heeded to as there was little or proof of the effectiveness of the Covid-19 Vaccines” Ghanaian Times, page 13, Saturday, February 12, 2022.

If the Government, Food and Drug Authority and Ghana Health Service have publicly told Ghanaians the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 Vaccines; should the Ghana Medical Association and Coalition of Public Health and Justice come out with the unsavory statements, entitled “Withdraw Compulsory Vaccine mandate”? The actions of these Organizations could strengthen Anti-Covid-19 Vaccination, being preached by certain Ghanaians, especially religious leaders and those who indiscriminately follow the Social Media.

As already quoted, the prayers ordered by Pope Greogory the Great (590-604) and Pope Clement VI (1342-1352) could not stop the plagues of the 6th and 14th Centuries. In view of this, Christian Churches, the Islamic Community and Ghanaians are therefore urged to embrace Covid-19 Vaccination together with the Covid-19 Protocols, approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Covid-19 Vaccination can never be the Mark of the Western European Political Powers – Rev 14:9-12.

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