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The New Patriotic National Organiser, who recently has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the National Lotteries Authority has been described in party circles as a LEADER PAR EXCELLENCE by the rank and file of the party.

As a matter of fact , Sammy Awuku has constantly portrayed a unique leadership perdegrees unmatched, unparalleled and unequalled by any leader of the party since its inception in 1992. When he assumed the role of Youth Organiser, he was able to rally and galvanize the youth to support and vote enblock for the part in 2016.

The youth had and still have unwaverred confidence in him. As the National Organiser of the NPP, he wields a massive support in the party ; but his respect for the current General Secretary, would have vied and won GS of the up coming party national executive elections in June this year. As I write, the rank and file see and consider him as their Messiah in the party.

Indeed the and the youth in the party for some defendable reasons rate him as such. This is a man who is prepared to listen to every story and help solve any party member’s problem at the least opportunity he gets.

He has singlehandedly helped party members more than any Officer in the party. He’s not snobbish, cheeky, dodgy, discriminatory, selective and spiteful like some officers l know. The testimony for this man’s generosity and kindness is mountainous and undescribable. in fact when he was at the party’s headquarters, any party member who went there , went there because he wanted to meet Sammy Awuku. A couple of times , I personally witnessed a long queue leading to his office and those who got the chance of meeting him came back smiling with satisfaction .

He may not be able to solve all problems but his effort is highly commendable and appreciative at any point in time. Just last week l heard his voice at Peace FM so l dashed in there to accost him ; lo and behold when l got there, the place had been besieged with people and party supporters anxiously waiting for him. After the program l thought he was going to escape through the backdoor to avoid the crowd , but, alas, he came out boldly and said ; yes what are your problems ? Please tell me ! I was flabagasted ! I couldn’t believe what l witnessed. And truly he had time to listen to everyone. Those issues he could solve he did so, those beyond him he gave directives for their solution. And of course everybody had his/ her transportation back home from him. No wonder some were shouting, future president, MP to be, People’s Man, etc.

This this little show of respect for the grassroot is leadership that had endeared him to almost all party supporters and l can vehemently state that every position that this man stands for, he will win hands down. As a member of that tradition for decades, his humility, fellow- feeling, respect, magnanimity, responsiveness, support, selflessness and dedication for the party, members and the elders are unmatched.

Almighty God must nurture and blossom his ambition and heart desire. Boys Abre , We are With You , Rest Assured !

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