Musiga active and presidential aspirant Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi known in showbiz as Ras Caleb has stated that the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) is sick and broke.

Speaking on Kessben Entertainment with Kojo Preko Dankwa, Ras Caleb vent his anger and how Musiga was being ran by former president of the union Obour and his team.

He said monies were not accounted for properly and the plot to see their own people ran the union is sick.

In his submission Ras Caleb detailed some problems the union is facing, not having an office or property belonging to musiga after all this years the union has been in existence.

Kojo Preko Dankwa questioned Ras Caleb if he will still contest the presidential race since there  are documentation showing he is stepping down and support one Mrs Freeman to contest. Ras Caleb added that is unfortunate such documents came out because they had not gone through all the process in the ‘MOU’ with the said woman and he is not going by that understanding anymore.

Ras Caleb over the years have been working hard for the union and taken on some assignments to see the union grow.

He also stated that the musiga election won’t even hold on the date they have agreed on due to unavailability of the register for voting.

The union is without a president after the tenure of the former president Obour.

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