Electronic Levy Is A Recipe For Insurgency…. Bernard Mornah

The ersthwhile General Secretary of the People Convention ,Bernard Mornah has suggested that the government’s resolute determination to impose the E Levy on Ghanaians could spark off instability Ghana.

The General Secretary who claims was picketing at the parliament house inferred that these are some of the reasons some West African countries are experiencing instabilities. ” “You want to introduce a tax that is not at peace with the people ; we are protesting yet you say l will not listen to the people. This tax is a complete stealing. I send money to my people in the village on weekly basis and you want to tax the poor people” ? he questioned.

Mr Mornah expatiated that this tax is double taxation in that ,when one borrows money from the bank, or buys food from the restaurant, he pays tax on the money and if he is sending the same money to relative , then he pays levy on it again ? “Today, the momo has become the main conduit for sending money from and to poor people and so that’s the cheapest means of taxing the people. We pay VAT, Direct Tax, Fuel taxes ect, and again you’re taxing the poor on their momo transaction” ? The the leader in this protest is advising the government to go to IMF if it’s hard up to borrow money if he wants to fix the challenge.

According to him, Ghana is still a member of the IMF that is why she got a support fund from the organization during Covid period so there’s nothing wrong in going back to the IMF , because we have been borrowing from the since 1957 . He accused the government for selling off Ghana Telecom for a pittance that was spread across all parts of the country with infrastructure, but using government money to buy off distressed AirtelTigo by using our meagre money. This he postulated as the intention of the president and the Communication Minister who are share holders in the company.

He also called on the government to cut down what he called it’s frivolous spending on air travels and extravagant lifestyle. He said he will picket at the Parliament house and the ECOWAS meeting place to press home his demand till the president takes a step back to rescind his decision on E – Levy.

Source /Nana Opoku

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