Tamale Business Senior High Old Students Commissions Sick Bay for Alma Mater

The Old students of the Business Senior High School (BOSA) in the Northern Region, have commissioned Sick Bay at a cost of Ghc 150.000 for their alma mater.

These forms part of some planned activities to help the students and staff of the school.

Dr IBN Kailan Abdul Hamid, National Organiser of Old Students Association who briefed the media on behalf of the association, said their gesture was to support academic activities in the School.

Dr IBN Kailan Abdul Hamid, National Organiser

He urged the students to take their academic works seriously as well as take good care of the Sick Bay.

Mrs. Suzzy Fati Braima, Headmistress of Tamale Business Senior High School, expressed gratitude to the old students for putting their resources together to help their alma mater.

She said, she always felt bad when students are being rushed to the hospital.

She said the school would do its best to put the facility to good use to improve academic activities and also achieve good moral conduct.

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