Operation Clean your Frontage: Ayawaso East MCE extends education to churches

In October, 2021, the government launched Operation Clean Your Frontage. The policy the Greater Accra coordinating council seeks to make it obligatory for all individuals and corporate institutions to be responsible for the cleaning of their and greening of the immediate surrounding.

In a view of that, the Greater Accra Regional minister Henry Quartey, engaging with Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives in Accra ahead of the execution of the program in February charged them to ensure that their vicinities are cleared of all filth.

As part of this, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ayawaso east municipal Assembly, Hajia Salma Sani Mohammed Adams Kuta, engaged some selected churches and mosque in her municipality to educate them about the policy and it by-laws which have been passed and gazetted by all Municipal and District Assemblies within the Greater Accra Region.

She emphasised that, the growing concern of filth dominating most parts of the city, is what has informed government decision to come with such policy to ensure the enforcement of the sanitation bye-laws from February with the rollout of the ‘Operation Clean Your Frontage’ project.

According to her this will inculcate the habit of tiding our environs in the citizenry as government can not do it all in keeping environment clean.

She therefore call on Ghanaians to make this a habit to help achieve the vision of president Nana Addo in making Greater Accra the cleaners city in the West African Sub – Region.

She also urged the citizenry to clear the perception of “its the duty and sole responsibility of the government to clean our environment”.

She further cautioned the people of East Ayawaso Assembly not be found wanting in the introduction of this policy and also do not want to see anybody in the municipality being punish for not doing simple things of ensuring that their frontage and their environments are clean.

She therefore added that, individuals and corporate bodies with filthy surroundings would be summoned and sanctioned by environmental health officers.

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