Creation Of NPP Business Moguls – NPP National Treasurer Aspirant

Kwabena Oppong Frimpong, popularly known as ‘The Original China’, when elected as the national treasurer of NPP will ensure that the party will not only depends on the national level and government in power for its financial needs. Kwabena will ensure that in each and every constituency, we will raise Ten (10) or more people who will turn act like that of Hon. Kennedy Akompreko Ohene Agyepong, Mr. Emmanuel Tobin of Tobinco Group of Companies, Dr. Siaw Agyapong of Zoomlion Gh. LTD. (Zoomlion was empowered and created by NPP government in H.E JAK’s reins) etc.*

Memorandum of understanding would be signed through the initiative of Kwabena Oppong Frimpong in collaboration with the National Executive council so that not only the decentralized government contracts and businesses would be awarded to these people, but some of the juicy contracts from the various ministries will be given to party members selected from the regional level alongside some constituency business moguls so that these businesses when created will help each of the constituencies to gather it’s own resources in order to run and manage the affairs of the party. We should not wait till the national executive council provides financial support before the constituency is empowered to do its work. This is the time to empower the party at the constituency level to make its resources. It is time to make sure that the party is financially independent within all the constituencies nationwide.

Kwabena believes that it is time we ensure that government contracts are fairly distributed within the length and breath of the NPP fraternity so that in each of the constituency, the decentralised or local government contracts will be awarded to some selected NPP apparatchiks in each constituency, at least Ten (10) for them to be empowered financially so that in turn these financial or business moguls will come back and sponsor/fund the constituency in their electoral activities. We all know that when the party was in opposition, Hon. Kennedy Agyepong procured a lot of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and other resources for several constituencies across the entire country in their respective regions. So Kwabena will use his office as National Treasurer (when elected into office) of the party to ensure that we do not neglect the constituencies, and contracts or other businesses activities are not given to only the known faces of NPP apparatchiks but to ensure that we create such people within our party in each of the constituency.

Eiii, eiii….Eiiii eii, woy3 y3 a Kwabena b3ba, woy3 y3 a Original b3ba, woy3 China b3ba.

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