Prophet Apraku chopped my money; He promised to double it – Christiana Awuni

Ghanaian actress Christiana Awuni whilst chronicling her church-going saga made public some disturbing info. According to her, the late Prophet Apraku defrauded her, whilst other men of God also wanted to have sex with her.

Christiana Awuni made these revelations in an interview with Zion Felix. She insisted that her decision to stop worshipping in a religious designated building has not affected her relationship with her maker.

“I don’t go to church doesn’t mean I don’t know God. When I go into my room, I kneel and cry out to my creator. And he answers me. God is everywhere. Even God is in this place.”

The actress narrated an incident that contributed to her decision to stop fellowshipping with other believers in the church.

“We were with Prophet Aperaku when he started at Trade Fair. Apraku has spent my money. He asked everyone to bring all their money. Even if it’s in the bank, go for it and bring it to church. He will double the money for us. As poor as I am, sleeping in a wooden structure, I went to withdraw all my money and gave it to Apraku. He asked us to put it in a polythene bag. And he doesn’t want a black polythene bag because it represents the faeces of satan. He wants white or any other colour.”

According to Christian, that was the last they saw of that money. “He asked us to close our eyes and pray, and he collected all the money and asked us to go. He said he would pray for the money to come, but we didn’t see any money again…That time, it looked like our brains weren’t working or something. It really affected me. I passed through a lot during that period,” she concluded.

Source: 3news

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