Appiatse Explosion :Kwadaso Constituency organizer mourns with Victims

The office of the kwadaso Constituency organizer received the sad news that happened at Appiatse with sorry.

Mr. Frank Amoako, the kwadaso Constituency organizer has been mourning with the people of Appiatse and has extendedwords of condolences to the family who lost their family members.

It’s a pity to lose a loved one and the sad thing is that the entire township has witnessed this tragedy

He also wished the injured people a speedy recovery with good health and without any disability or impairment of their body parts.

Mr. Frank Amoako known in kwadaso Constituency as People’s Fada is weeping with people of Appiatse near Bogoso, his heart is grieving and full of tears.

And as the president has already said we are in support with our strength, money, and time to make Appiatse be in a state of Normalcy

He also sends words of caution to our drivers to be more vigilant on our roads because cars are claiming Ghanaians lives more than a natural death, we should practice how to reduce speed when driving especially to the tanker cars and Articulators we have not known the cause yet but it’s just a caution
May our God give them rest!!

Mr. Frank Amoako Wish all Ghanaians well in this year 2022 better days ahead of us

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