A/R: Lesbian murders a man who wanted to have a serious relationship with her

A Lady alleged to be a lesbian who has been identified as Gifty has killed a young man known as Kunta at Asankare, near Bompata in the Ashanti region.

According to a report by Kessben FM/TV’ correspondent in the community, Gifty had been in a relationship with Kunta, the deceased. Even though the two are not married, they appear to be living like married couples.

Kunta will sometimes spend days with Gifty at her residence according to the neighbours.

“Gifty and Kunta have been in a relationship. Sometimes Kunta will visit Gifty at her place and sleep there for like three days. The lady operates a drinking spot in front of the house she lives.

She has too many female friends, so frequently these female friends of hers will come to the drinking spot to visit her.

Is alleged Gifty is a lesbian and some of the female friends who visit her are her lesbian partners. Last Monday, her boyfriend who is known as Kunta visited him and after closing the drinking spot, she prepared Fufu for him.

Kunta was apparently in Gifty room and heard Gifty was on phone speaking with one of her alleged lesbian partners inviting her to visit that night.

Kunta then confronted Gifty as she came back to the room and this broke out a fight between them. A tenant who lives with them heard the noise and went inside the room only to find out Kunta has been injured.

She called for help and people came around the scene. They took Kunta to the Bompata Hospital and was later confirmed dead” Multi P told Ali Baba on Breaking News.

After the incident, the youth of the community stormed the drinking spot of Gifty and set it ablaze after she had run away. Gifty has been arrested and is currently being processed to court.

A woman who lives in the same house with Gifty later confirmed the alleged lesbian has been bringing different women in her room and has been hearing the sound of ladies cumming.


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