Car insurance should include towing of Breakdown cars on our roads – Solomon Nkansah

Former Communication Officer of the NDC, Solomon Nkansah is calling on insurance companies to include towing of breakdown cars in car insurance packages.

He also stressed that the government must set up laws to ensure that no breakdown car is allowed to be on the roadside for more than 3 hours after breaking down.

According to him, this initiative will help reduce road accidents in the country since it had been a major contributing factor to road accidents.

He noted that towing of breakdown cars immediately after breaking down on the highway is of a good course that will help save lives.

Solomon Nkansah also noted that the country needs to have enough registered towing companies backed by his early suggestion for car insurance companies to include breakdown cars in their packages.

According to him, rejected cars that are imported into the country are usually the ones that break down therefore the government must have solid laws regarding that.

”The government must have a good policy to govern the importation of cars in the country” he said. This he reckons, will put all persons who import cars in the country on the guard.

Source: Hamzah & Eunice Odai

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