499 students who failed Law entrance exam to demonstrate on Wednesday

Tony Blair, a student who was part of the failed candidates in the law entrance exams has confirmed to Breaking News on Kessben TV/FM that they hit the streets to demonstrate on Wednesday 20th October if nothing is done about their situation.

Speaking with Ali Baba Dankambari, Tony stressed that they got cheated by the academic board, a reason why they will be demonstrating on Wednesday to register their displeasure.

He noted that they are going to hold a press conference today (Monday) and if their concerns are not addressed after the press conference, they will be hitting the street on Wednesday.

According to Tony, they have petitioned the authorities several times on the issue but have not had any positive response from the authorities.

He noted that the pass mark to the law school has always been 50% but got told by the authorities that they have made some changes to that after the exams.

“They just published the list of 790 students who had passed. And we insisted they publish the whole results as and after publishing the whole results we realize most of us who they say have failed crossed the 50% pass mark.

Now they told us they have done some changes regarding the pass mark, meanwhile, no changes were made before the exams” He stressed.

Tony claims it was a deliberate move by the authorities to chop down on the number of students who had passed after they realized more students passed the exams.


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