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Assemblyman clash with former DCE over 257 missing electric poles (Video)

The Assemblyman for Booya in Afigyase had a hot verbal exchange with the former District Chief Executive of the area over missing Electric poles.

According to the Assemblyman, over 100 electric poles were kept at the residence of the former DCE, Hon Mary Marfo. but all the poles have vanished from the house of the former DCE.

Speaking on Breaking News with Ali Baba Dankambari on Kessben TV/FM, the Assemblyman, Hon Emmanuel Frimpong noted that the poles which were kept at the residence of the former DCE suddenly vanished when it was time for the contractor to use them.

“The electric poles were brought two years ago for an electrification project. Some were used in the townships while the rest were kept at the residence of the former DCE.

There’s a new site at Booya where there’s no electricity. So when the time was due for electricity to be extended in the area, the contractor came and went to the residence of the former DCE only to find out that there were no electric poles there” He said.

When the former DCE for the area Hon Mary Marfo was raised on the telephone, she could not deny the fact that there were not any electric poles kept at her residence.

She stressed that the Assemblyman has not brought any electric poles to be kept at her residence to be asking her of the whereabouts of the electric poles.

According to her, it is a matter between the contractor who brought the electric poles. He added the people just want to disgrace her.


Source: Kessbenonline.com

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