Critics won’t stop me from making music -Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian Afrobeat singer and songwriter Kuami Eugene says feedback from critics will not stop him from making music.

Kuami Eugene disclosed that people will always find faults with him, but that will not stop him from making music, neither will that stop him from being himself.

Speaking on the Entertainment segment of TV3 New Day, he said he is aware of tantrums people throw at him, especially when he releases new songs.

For some time now, Kuami Eugene has been accused of sampling songs from other artists without permission.

However, he stated that he is not perturbed with feedback from critics. Because he is more concentrated on positive contributions to music and his personality.

The award-winning artiste said negative comments concerning his musical career began when Amakye Dede named him the next highlife king.

Amakye Dede was heavily criticized by industry players for placing the mantle of highlife genre on Kuami Eugene due to his (Kuami’s) age.

According to the “Dollar on You” hitmaker, he has received continuous backlash since the happening.

Despite all these, Kuami says he believes some Ghanaians genuinely love him and support his music wholeheartedly.

“I am actually loved. Regardless of whatever is going on and whatever is being said, I am loved by Ghanaians. And I appreciate it,” he said.

The highlife artiste added that his open-mindedness for his music deters him from taking heed to critics.

Speaking on his newly released song titled “Bunker”, Kuami Eugene said he wants everyone to know he will never give up on music despite opposition.

“My lyrics in my song doesn’t mean I’m attacking somebody. It’s just a message out there that I’m not giving up because of critics”.

The song, released two days ago and produced by Kuami Eugene, has already clocked 300k views on YouTube.

According to the “Open Gate” hitmaker, numbers gained since the release of the music has been amazing worldwide and planning on hitting one million views in a week on YouTube.

The Lynx Entertainment signee stated that he will release an EP on November 2 2021. According to him, it is an Afro highlifeEP because it is fused with Afrobeat and Highlife music.

Kuami Eugene revealed that he can not exempt highlife from his upcoming EP because of his love for the genre, even though Afrobeat music is more marketable.

He revealed that he also gained an opportunity to work with legendary musician George Darko in producing some songs on the EP.

Kuami Eugene assured fans of the consistent release of music to flood the music space throughout the year.


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