Asante Akyem youth storm funeral to demand 6-year contribution money from traditional council

The youth of Asankare, a community in the Asante Akyem South district are demanding their monies from the Traditional council of the area after 6 years of contribution to a fund.

According to the irate youth, six years ago, the traditional council of Asankare passed a law to create funds by contributing monies to see the development of the community.

One of the leaders of the youth speaking in an interview with Ali Baba Dankambari on Breaking News said the fund has been in existence for 6 years without any development.

“For six years now, we have been contributing to the fund but we have not seen any development made from the fund.

They passed a law that when anyone dies in this community, every person will pay 0.50 pesewas to the funeral fund. We have been contributing to this fund for 6 years now.

Currently, per the accounts, the available balance in the fund is 23,000. The community is in need of so much development, so why sit on this money?

That’s the reason why we stormed the funeral to let the elders know we are not happy about that” He said.

The Queen mother of the area is believed to be in charge of the fund.

In the last account which was reported that the fund had only Ghc18,000 but subsequently grew to Ghc23,000. The youth believe that no matter the amount that has been realized from the fund, it can still contribute to any form of development in the community.


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