I was happier when I was poor – Akon drops stunner

Senegalese-American Akon has revealed that being rich brings in more problems than peace. In his opinion, there is more happiness in poverty than riches. 

Earlier on, Akon received backlash when he made this statement whilst eulogizing his friend and colleague, the late Michael K. Williams, who died from a drug overdose in September 2021. 

But Akon is restaining his stance in an interview with TMZ. According to the singer cum entrepreneur, he is speaking from experience because he has tasted both poverty and wealth. 

He said, “Nobody can sit there and tell me that I didn’t go through poverty. I was the young African kid, barefoot and playing soccer in the village with no electricity, no running water. I knew what that looked like – believe me, I know what poverty looks like.

“But I also know what success looks like. And from my personal experience, I’m having more problems. Successfully dealing with all that comes with success than I had when I was poor. I was actually happier when I was poor.”

source: 3news

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