Celebrating Our Hardworking Vice President; The Future And Hope Of Our Country

There is absolutely no gainsaying that Nature has blessed our country, Ghana, with, not only natural resources, but also human resources. We are blessed with so many big brains that make things happen, and have made us become the trailblazers of the continent. One of such big brains, without doubt, is personified in H.E Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the current Vice President of the Republic.

Dr. Bawumia is that man who is not only focused on achieving results, but doing so, with impeccable efficiency. He is that man who is using digital technology to transform lives, and make our life-burdens much easy and comforting. Today, because of Bawumia, we are able to easily transfer money from our bank accounts to our momo accounts, without visiting the bank. Today, because of Bawumia, we are able to easily make mobile money transfers from one network to another.

Today, because of Bawumia, we are able to buy ECG credits with our phones without going to an ECG vendor. Today, because of Bawumia, we are able to renew our health insurance subscriptions with our phones without visiting NHIS offices. I can go on and on and on. In the nutshell, Dr. Bawumia is that man leading the digitization and formalization of the Ghanaian economy to make life easy, enhance revenue generation, boost the fight against crime and save the Ghanaian taxpayer millions of Ghana cedis (GHc) which would have otherwise been lost through corruption and systematic wastage.

In the political scene, Dr. Bawumia has amply proven to be inarguably the greatest addition to the NPP political stock in the past 2 decades. I dare say, no man, within this period, has given the NPP more numbers than Bawumia, and since politics is all about numbers, then Bawumia is the real dude. He is thus the future of Ghana and the future of the NPP in particular. He is also of course, a great part of the NPP in the present.

Thus far, the economic guru turned political guru [Dr. Bawumia] has consolidated the NPP’s support-base among the middle class. He has delivered the Universities to the NPP. He has delivered his home region [the original northern region] to the NPP. I’m not sure anybody had ever thought the NPP could ever win more Parliamentary Seats than the NDC in the original northern region, but it happened in the last general elections, with the NPP winning 16 parliamentary seats against the NDC’s 15.

This is, of course, largely because of the ‘Bawumia Factor’. In fact, Dr. Bawumia has delivered even the Zongos to the NPP. It is also noteworthy that his emergence in the country’s political landscape has drastically changed the face of our body politic. He has changed our appreciation of politics from propaganda to facts and data. He is the all-time biggest threat to the NDC’s political fortunes. Dr. Bawumia is down to earth and trustworthy. He is only focused on getting the job done and delivering prosperity to the NPP and Ghana. How much more can a man be a blessing to his Party and Country!

H.E Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, you are indeed a great blessing to the NPP, and to every Ghanaian. We have all lived and felt your wonderful leadership. Accordingly, on the occasion of your 58th birthday, I gladly join the rest of the world to wish you a Happy Birthday. May almighty ALLAH continue to overwhelm you with His bountiful blessings and favors. Your best is indeed yet to come, and Insha Allahu, you shall be the next leader of this country, and Ghana, would be even more prosperous under you.

Assalamu alaikum

Your ardent follower, Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen

Source: Kessbenonline.com

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