We Are Not In Gov’t To Serve The NDC – Jennifer Oforiwaa Queen Jabs Eric Adjei

The communications Director, Jennifer Oforiwaa Queen eulogies the president for the work he is doing to help in the development of the country. Following the declaration of the president’s in regards to the road constructions in 2020, the year 2021 happens to be the 2nd phase of roads.

She indicated that, the Nana -Addo government along with the ministry of roads and constructions are making sure the projects becomes a success. Following this directive of the president, however some constituents laments over poor road constructions in the Ashanti Region.

Jennifer Oforiwaa Queen said that, the projects are still under constructions and it is about 70% completion in the Ashanti region. Meanwhile Eric Adjei, member of the Communication Team, NDC, stated that the NPP government has done no road constructions in the Ashanti Region.

According to him, all the projects that are currently under developments were started by the former president, John Dramani Mahama but has however recommended the current president for the continuity and stated that acknowledgment must be given to John Dramani Mahama. He also mentioned that, the leaders in the constituency must rise up and fight for their constituency to ensure that development takes place in the region.

However, Jennifer Oforiwaa Queen emphatically said that, the NDC must put away their propaganda and investigate on the works of the NPP under Nana-Addo’s government in the Ashanti Region. ”We have a listening government and a continuity president, let’s recommend the president for his works” she stated. She also lauded the NADMO Director for the work he is doing ensuring the vision of the president materialize.


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