Be careful with the country you choose to further your legal studies – 2,034 failed LLB candidates told

The two thousand and thirty-four (2,034) LLB candidates who failed the law school entrance examination have been told to be cautious the country they select to further their legal education in.

The President of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law, Mr Wonder Victor Kutor, explained that there are particular countries that Ghana’s legal system does not recognize hence law graduates from these countries are made to sit for another examination in Ghana.

According to him, most students prefer to further their legal education in the Gambia because Ghana recognizes the Gambian system.

According to him,  65 per cent of lawyers called to the Gambian Bar this year were Ghanaians who failed the law entrance examinations in Ghana.

He explained that after Ghana failed them, they applied to study in the Gambia and have been called to the Gambia Bar.

Mr Kutor added that failing an examination is not an indication that the students were below standard.

He has therefore called for an all-inclusive approach in dealing with the causes of the mass law school entrance examination failure in order to be able to deal with the situation properly.

He attributed the mass failure to, among other things, limited time candidates have to enable them prepare for the entrance examination.

In his view, inadequate preparation due to the limited time is the leading cause of the failures.

Mr Kutor indicated that when law students graduate in July and they sit for the exams in August, it will certainly not be enough for them to do adequate preparation.

His comments come after two thousand and thirty-four (2,034) LLB candidates who sat for the 2021/2021 academic year Ghana School of Law 2021 Entrance Exams failed in the exams.

Of the 2,824 students from the various law faculties across the country who sat for the exam, only 790 of them passed representing approximately 28% while the failure represents 72%.

Speaking on the Good evening Ghana programme on Tuesday September 28, Mr Kutor said “You leave school in July and sit for exams in August and you are doing, let us say taxation or land law  and you go and meet tort and constitutional law, if you haven’t revised enough you will fail.

“So, we need to have a discussion as a nation. When students graduate in July you allow them to wait and apply the following year.

“Let is discuss this properly, student graduated in July and they sat for exams in August. Was the preparation enough? This is not to defend the General Legal Council but I want us to have a holistic discussion on this matter as a nation going forward.

 “We must not limit ourselves to pass and failure. It is not only about passing what happens in this country is that once they release  the entrance results then we all start talking about the failure  rate  but let us be honest, which is why  the SRC we have established the scholarship fund.

“I am glad to say that those who have passed can access the scholarship fund, a very transparent process. If people pass without the money to pay, then what is the point? So the discussion shouldn’t be pass rate or failure rate, it is also about the funding. When you enter the law school in terms of cost there is a big challenge.”

He added “I want to make a point respectfully, normally what happens is that when some are unable to entre they go to other jurisdictions, Gambia Rwanda  Nigeria and . I want to give this advice  to the general public, to our colleagues,  who have not been able to entre  that we know of such individuals who went to Rwanda  and came but and were not  admitted for post call, they had to go to Gambia  when they came back Gambia is recognized  and they were admitted . So they have to check properly which institutions they ae going to.

“Now, on the back of this, one of the things the SRC will do  that we know this is a Ghanaian problem  and ought to be given a Ghanaians solution . To say that students have failed entrance examination is not to say they are bad students. Just check the statistics 65 per cent of lawyers call to the Gambia bar  this year,  are Ghanaians  and these are people who failed  the entrance exams  and went to Gambia.

source: 3news

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