Ghanaian actors are not serious about their destiny – Wakefield Akuaku

Veteran Actor Wakefield Akuaku expressed how some Ghanaian actors are not serious about their destiny. He pointed out that actors do not have any policies to take care of them in emergencies.

As a guest on Anigye mere, he shared his opinion with Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua TV last Thursday night.

“Ghanaian actors are not serious about their destiny in the sense that they are working and also not thinking about their future. No one is going to do that for you but yourself. You’ve seen your fellow colleagues downfall, and you are waiting for yours to be the same.

“We were having a cultural policy in 2004. If we were able to follow this policy, there would have been a great change in the performing Arts industry. We didn’t persuade the policy. Meanwhile, the document is there. And since we didn’t pass the policy to the government, it is not useful anymore,” he added.

According to Wakefield Akuaku, the said policy would have helped them with the television stations because it obliged them to show a percentage of their local production.

source: 3news

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