The man who created ‘600 ice cream flavours’

Zimbabwe-born Tapiwa Guzha is on a mission to change the way Africans see their food at his Cape Town ice cream restaurant.

He has used his PhD in Molecular Biology to make more than 600 inventive ice cream flavours – from baobab to edible clay and bitter leaf.

Speaking with the BBC’s Focus on Africa, Mr Guzha said he wants Africans to be proud of their culinary heritage.

“There’s an opportunity to decolonise the foodscape in the city, in the country and indeed on the continent,” he added.

His restaurant, Tapi Tapi, has build a loyal following.

One customer told the BBC’s Mohammed Allie the unique flavours teaches people about cultures all over Africa.

“There’s a language there, there’s a history there, there’s a people in there,” they said.

source: bbc

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