Stop moving around with certificate looking for jobs & go support your mother’s business with your acquired knowledge – Lecturer

Senior lecturer at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Dr. Kwaku Mensah Mawutor has advised Ghanaian unemployed Graduates to look beyond the norm of seeking private and government jobs.

It has become a norm for many Ghanaian graduates to wander around on the streets in Ghana with their certificates looking for jobs after school.

There’s difficulty in landing a job after school especially in West Africa, the situation becomes tougher when these graduates look forward to being employed with white colour jobs.

It becomes, even more, tougher when these graduates try to find jobs that match their area of study. The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) recently held for the first time a job fair at Accra international conference centre. The maiden program saw thousands of Ghanaian unemployed graduates thronged to the Conference centre to find jobs.

Dr. Kwaku Mensah speaking on Amansan Tie on Kessben 92.9 FM in Accra expressed worry over the unemployed situation in Ghana especially with Graduates who have acquired knowledge of their respective institutions. The senior lecturer lauded the initiative by the Youth Employment Agency but noted there’s a problem with how the country has over the years tried to tackle unemployment.

“We cannot solve the unemployment problem with the way we face it. Nigerians come here they get employment, People from Togo come here, they get employment but Ghanaians are not getting employed because for the Ghanaian he/she does not want miniature jobs.”

“The problem is the type of employment. Go to Germany, it’s all about vocation training but in Ghana, everyone wants a white colour job” He said.”

“And to the Graduates who have been going up and down with their certificates looking for jobs, they should go back to their mothers’ businesses and support them with the knowledge they have acquired and expand those businesses.”

Source: Story by Nazir Hamzah

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