Probe into lashing of Jachie Pramso SHS student underway – GES

The headmaster of Jachie-Pramso Senior high school who is reported to have allegedly canned a female student severely has been interdicted, Kessben FM has gathered.

Confirming the news, the spokesperson for the ministry of Education Akwasi Kwaterng told Ali Baba Dankambari on Breaking that the headmaster has been asked to step aside while the investigation proceeds.

“From the narrative of the lashed student, the headmaster came to their class with a fellow student who was wearing an unprescribed uniform, the headmaster punished him by taking off the shirt he had worn and sacked him from the class.

Mary who was wearing a jacket on top of her uniform later gave her jacket to the student who was punished. The headmaster subsequently found out that the boy he had punished is wearing another shirt and came back to the class to find out who gave the jacket to the student.

The class were initially reluctant to point out Mary as the one who gave her jacket to the student but later mentioned its Mary after series of threats by the headmaster. The headmaster then called Mary to the administration block and allegedly whipped her.”

As of now, the headmaster has been asked to step aside for full investigation to commence, remember this is only the narrative of the student.

We’re yet to fully hear from the side of the headmaster for purposes of a fair hearing” the spokesperson for the education ministry noted on Kessben FM/TV.


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