‘Do or Die’ comment by Mahama not too different from Nana Addo’s ‘all die be die’- Dr. Jalilu

Ghanaian pollster Dr. Jalilu Atiku has expressed his thoughts over the recent comment made by the former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama.

The former president in a recent radio interview with Akina radio said the 2024 elections is going to be “do or die particularly at the polling stations.

High ranking members of the National Democratic Party have come out to explain further what the former president meant when he said ” do or die”

Dr. Jalilu speaking on the issue on Accra-based Kessben 92.9 FM noted that Mahama could have avoided such a reckless statement.

“Let put it into context, in the 2020 elections they (NDC) know they didn’t lose the election. They think NPP rigged the elections and they went to the supreme court but the supreme thought otherwise. It is because of this he says in 2024 it will be “do or die” at the polling stations because elections are won at the polling stations” Dr. Jalilu said on Makye with Omanhene Yaw Adu Boakye.

“His comment is not too different from what then candidate Nana Addo said in 2012. Some people will try to differentiate it from Nana Addo’s ” all die be die” comment but he could have avoided such a comment.

“Some people also think there’s no difference. Now the people around him have to be explaining the comment. He should not have made those comments at all.”

“The politicians should be careful and tone down on such lines. The Ghanaian wants his/her peace no matter how the economy is” He concluded.


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