Take your children to better countries if you can afford – Agya Koo

Veteran Kumawood and comic actor Alexander Adu popularly known as Agya Koo has shared his view on the security situation in the country.

The actor who is a supporter of the ruling party in an interview explained that the security situation in the country is worrying citing that no week goes by without hearing someone has been killed or kidnapped.

Speaking on Agyenkwa FM, he stated that due to this situation parents are now scared to allow their children out to play because they fear they might not return alive or even be seen again.

He advised that left to him alone he would wish parents who can afford to take their children to safer countries do so because Ghana is not safe.

“Currently, most parents in this country are not comfortable even when their kids go out to play because they fear something might happen to their children.

“For me, if you are a parent and you have what it takes, send your children to America or other safer countries. The killing and kidnapping is too much in this country,” he said.

source: ghpage

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