Video: He uses cream on his manhood & sodomized me every night – Boy who went missing speaks

A 12-year-old boy who went missing for close to 10 days in Asante Mampong has recounted the ordeal he went through.

The teenager speaking in an exclusive interview with Accra-based Kessben 92.9 FM said he was deceived and kidnapped by a man who has been identified as Yaw Atta.

In his narration, he noted that Atta 23, told him he’s taking him to Kumasi to provide a job for him. The naive little boy agreed to the conned words of the Yaw Atta and subsequently followed him to Kumasi without informing the parent of the Boy.

“He met me at Mampong and told me that he wants to help and that he will take me to Kumasi. I followed him and we came to Kumasi, Kodie. Since we came every night he has been sodomizing me, he will use a body cream on his manhood and put it in my anus” the Boy said on Breaking News hosted by Ali Baba Dankambary.

Atta Kusi has since been arrested by the police after a woman who the little boy confided in reported the case to the Kodie police.

He’s currently in the grips of the Asante Mampong police after he was remanded for two weeks by the Asante Mampong court.

Reporting for Kessben FM, Addai Brobey said the case has been postponed by the court to 17th September 2021 with the boy currently receiving medical treatment at Asante Mampong hospital.

Source: by Nazir Hamzah

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