Epileptic Lady Dead Leaving 2 Young Sons Behind

A 28-year-old lady by the name Agyei Monica with epilepsy died on 22 August 2021, inside her grandmother’s premises at Kuntanase in the Ashanti Region.

According to reports, she was found lying lifeless in the early hours of Saturday after her last born went to wake her up since she had been sleeping beyond her waking up time.

Information indicates that, she has been epileptic since infancy and on medication. Monica fellowships at the Roman Catholic Church in Kuntanase.

By Catholics calendar, August is dedicated to celebrating the Assumption of Mary, where worshippers in and around gather at a particular place to worship for days, at Grotto Abono in the Bosomtwe District.

In a video on Facebook, Monica revealed, she was part of the worshipers but was attacked by her ailment resulting to hitting her head on a rock without getting medical care for lack of funds with an expired NHIS.

Watch the video below

Two people donated upon seeing a video of Monica Soliciting help. Money was presented to her and her grandmother, with a renewed Health Insurance.

Two days later, Monica slept and didn’t wake.

Monica left behind two kids(boys) and an unemployed grandmother. Her funeral has been scheduled for 4th September 2021. And the body has been deposited at St Michael’s Catholic Hospital, Pramso for preservation.

SOURCE: Abigail Asamoah/kessbenonline

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