Video: Top Goat stealer in Damango finally arrested

A young man identified as Nasiru is in the grips of the Damango police after stealing a goat. According to an eye witness, the 23-year-old young man has been a serial goat thief in the Savanna region.

Reporting for Kessben Media from the Savanna Region, Salifu Adams said the young man has been living extravagant lifestyle in Damango without having any job.

Information gathered indicates that after stealing goats, he will slaughter them and supply them to his customers in the market.

“At the dawn of yesterday, he stole the goat and was on his way to slaughter it so that he will supply his customers. Unfortunately for him a woman saw him and alerted the community folks who apprehended him. The people knowing that this guy has already been rumored to be a top goat stealer didn’t directly take him to the police station but beat him very well before handing him to the police. At least every 2 weeks, you will see this guy change a motorbike but does not do any job. They made him carry the goat around his neck and made him walked through the principal streets of Damango” Salifu said on Kessben 92.3FM.

Further investigations by the police have already begun as the thief has revealed it wasn’t all by himself.

Source: Story by Nazir Hamzah

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