Family heartbroken after father ‘fails to evacuate them’

A young female journalist says she, her mother, seven brothers and three sisters have been abandoned by her father, who was evacuated from Afghanistan with his second wife.

Zalash, not her real name, says she has been told by the Taliban that if she returns to her job as a journalist she will be killed.

She told BBC 5 Live she and her family were in temporary accommodation and feared for their lives.

“I want to try to save my family’s life. It is heart-breaking for me. They want to go to university and school. We are so poor. We have one pen and the whole family is using it for schoolwork,” she said.

Zalash, 18, said the family had been told by her father to go to the airport, and they waited for him for nearly 24 hours.

“We had a hard time. We didn’t sleep. We stayed in the hot sun. The place was very dirty,” she said.

“Then the troops told us my father didn’t want us to go on the plane. He took his other wife and family. He said if we didn’t leave he would slap me.

“We are left with tears and broken hearts. Our only hope is God.“

source: bbc

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