We can no longer be silent; our request for audience with IGP not respected – Kaaka’s family

 The family of slain social media activist, Mohammed Macho Kaaka, has expressed displeasure with the manner in which the Ghana Police Service is handling the investigation and prosecution of suspects in the case.

According to the family, the police have “deliberately peddled misinformation” to achieve a premeditated outcome in the trial of Baba Iddi, a brother of Kaaka who is one of the three suspects standing trial. This, the family thinks, is unfair.

The family in a statement recounted how COP Tiwaa Addo Danquah had told media men that the murder of Kaaka had nothing to do with his social activism “even though the Police had barely conducted any investigation into the matter”.

They said the head of a parliamentary committee that oversees the work of the Police, was also deployed to jump from media station to media station to peddle “the falsehood that Baba Iddi, Kaaka’s brother killed him.

The family is of the view that the conduct of the police in the matte so far “gave currency to the perception that Kaaka was killed by his brother, Iddi Mohammed, even though they had not even done the basic investigation”.

The family said Baba Iddi has told them he was made to sign a document he had no idea what was contained in it.

“A couple of weeks ago, our brother and son Baba Iddi, informed us that the Police came to pick him up from his prison cell without an interpreter, and held him with force and made him thumbprint a document he doesn’t know the content of or understand. We are disgusted by the reported actions of the Police. And we are now convinced that the Police are now active criminal agents working to incriminate our brother in a crime they know, and we know, he did not commit”

According to the family, they had stayed away from engaging the public because they had hoped justice will be served and served swiftly. That, they say, has not happened, and “we refuse to remain silent any longer”.

The aggrieved family said attempts to express their concerns to the top hierarchy of the police have been unsuccessful.

“Since last week, we requested for an audience with the Inspector General of Police to raise our concerns at the highest level. That request has not been replied to or accorded any respect”, the family said.

They have cited other instances and events that they say make them lose confidence in the police.

Meanwhile, they have set up a Welfare and Legal Support Fund to support the family in their quest for Justice, asking the public to donate to the following Mobile Money numbers:

a. Minawara Ibrahim: Daughter of Kaaka [MTN MOMO number: 0559948685]

b. Sahada Hudu: Wife of Kaaka [Vodacash Number 0504099677]

c. Nafiu Mohammed; Family Spokesperson Airtel Tigo Number: 0262459254]

source: 3news

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