Kessben Outreach Foundation provides a house for a family of 8 who lived in swamps with reptiles (Photos)

The Kessben Outreach Foundation has provided a 2 bedroom house for a poor family who were living in a death trap building.

The benevolence of the foundation touched the family of 8 who had been living in a building open to reptiles. The family has six children with the mother being unemployed over the years with the father as a walking barber and a drunkard.

The foundation also set the mother up for business as she will no longer be unemployed. Groceries that will cater for them in the next three months were subsequently added to the family by the foundation.

How does this become the dwelling place of our fellow humans…..,? How…? A family of eight with reptiles and in swamp…

Mother is unemployed and father is walking barber and pictured as a “drunk”….. do we leave them like this? No ! God has made a way, we have provided a new place, two bedrooms, very safe and set the woman up for business. We have added food to last them three months….

The tears in my eyes seeing the baby sleep peacefully …. Help someone when you can. Kessben outreach Foundation; Little acts of kindness. Sammy Adu Boakye, host of Church Bells on Kessben FM and a chief operations officer of the foundation said in a post.


Source: Story by Nazir Hamzah

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