10-bedroom house burnt to ashes, only thing left was a Bible

A Painful story of a woman whose house got completely burnt to ashes on her son’s funeral day has left many people weeping at Asante Afigyase.

According to an eyewitness, the 10-bedroom house was completely burnt in the early hours of Thursday morning. By the time the fire service personnel got to the scene, the fire had destroyed everything with an exception of a Bible the late husband of whose funeral was arranged to take place left behind.

Narrating the sad incident on “Breaking News”, hosted by Ali Baba Dankambry, a tenant of the house said, “I woke up to find smoke coming out from one of the corridors in the house. My eldest son was not around too so I called for help, and people started calling the fire service personnel. By the time they got here, everything was gone with the exception of a Bible.”

It was revealed that the Bible which was the only thing not to have been burnt is the Bible the late husband presented to his wife when he married her. The funeral had to be truncated because of the unfortunate incident which had befallen the family.

Source: Story by Nazir Hamzah

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