“ASEM BEBA DABI” : I Did Not Authorise Any Payment Of Monies For Saglemi Housing Project – Hon Atta- Akyea Former Housing Minister

The former Minister of Works and Housing has declared that a big case is dangling in the air ready to hit the perpetrators of the Saglemi housing scandal very soon as the case has been sent to court for adjudication.

The state has sent four people to court for various charges including causing Financial Loss to the state in the handling of the Saglemi housing project. Speaking on Asempa FM program EKOSISEN in Accra , the former Works and Housing minister denied any wrongdoing in respect of the project .

“I have not as a minister signed or authorised any payment cheque and voucher for any contractor of the project and l do not know of such payment”. ‘So how come in March 2018 a whopping 5 million dollars were payed to some contractors of the project ‘, “that makes the matter sweet ,l have not given any authorisation for any payment since l assumed office in January 2017.

However, the chief director , one Zimlim director and some people at the ministry have unauthorisedly given approval without my knowledge and consent .

My signature is not on the cheques and payment voucher , so those who did that must be summoned to answer for their actions,” he intimated. The former Minister stated that when he took over he wanted to audit certain transactions so it would be outrageous to participate in any perceived fraudelent deals at the ministry. “This is the work of Joy FM but l tell you, the truth will come out soon,” he assured the host. He told the host that even though some payments were made during his tenure but they did that without his approval and knowledge.

“If you know how thieves operate you would not blame any victim of his negligent action for the theft. When you are deep asleep and a thief stealthily sneaks into your room carries away your valuables away, how can you be blamed for oversleeping” ? he asked the host. He denied the case of VICARIOUS RESPONSIBILITY or LIABILITY when people connive to perpetrate criminality. How can this be vicarious responsibility when the chief director and others come together to do criminal things behind me . You cannot hold me personally liable for negligence or complicity . Am happy the matter is in court and we shall evidentialise it for all to see who is really the criminal here” .

He told the host ; “do you know that in December 26th there about , the chief director authorised payment of Management Contract for the project and someone at the finance Ministry,( not the minister) paid that money to a company from Dubai without our knowledge ?, he asked the host. He argued that the host does not understand how criminals operate otherwise he would understand some of these things.

“That’s why a crime is committed but it takes such a long time to uncover it because criminals are very fast and sophisticated people” He told the host that once the Attorney General has sent the matter to court, all the details would be unveiled for Ghanaians to know the real truth.

Source :Nana Poku /johnawuniktv@gmail.com

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