Am Ready For the NPP Chairmanship Contest-Abankwah-Yeboah

One of the aspiring contestants for the forthcoming executive positions of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Kwabena Abankwa Yeboah who is the current treasurer of the party has indicated that he is fully prepared to contest anyone in the race for the Chairmanship position come 2022 when the contest kicks off. Speaking to this reporter in a telephone interview to find out his readiness to partake in the upcoming election, Mr Abankwah indicated that he has served in the cashier’s position for almost two terms and he believes it’s time for him to move up for bigger responsibilities. “What else do l have to show after 8 dedicated,sincere years in handling the party’s finances ?. I have done my best in that position and l think l have to move up. My records, good works and competency would speak for me “, he threw a challenge. The incumbent treasurer postulated that he has succeeded in reshaping the party’s finances like never before and at the appropriate time he would account to the party and Ghana in general for them to judge for themselves. “Even though, other contestants are formidable and capable but am not afraid. At the contest, the delegates will vote for our competence, loyalty, dedication, good works, honesty, track record and trustworthiness. “I can say without any equivocation that l have all these qualities and l am going to dwell on them for my victory which may be tough though but very secure,” he assured me. “When l was going to contest Antie Esther the first time (Esther Ofori ), nobody gave me the dog’s chance but l scraped through ,l can assure you history is going to repeat itself, by the grace of God am going to win”. Mr Abankwa intimated that before he came to the present position there was a system and practice different from what he has brought around and as a result some party members feel uneasy. But he told this reporter that he has streamlined things in such a way that the party’s finances and physical assets position have improved tremendously than ever before. “I will stun people when l start my campaign and account for my stewardship. It is an impressive records that will talk for me . “I know people are prepared to spend money but l know delegates want someone who’s diligent, honest, loyal, good manager and above all a unifier. I for one, l don’t have any faction . All what l know is NPP and party members. Again, l want to break the jinx of the belief that ONLY SOUTHERN CHAIRMAN can win power for NPP. Am from the middle belt and can assure you that, the story would be changed me”, he declared. Answering a question as why he wants to move up and leave all the money to another person to come and control the party’s finances ? He replied this ; “after 8 years as the best treasurer, what else do l need to show again ? Indeed I want to take up a bigger responsibility and some elders of the party have endorsed my decision to move up. Even though l may meet stiff opposition from others but, the pitch will decide at the right time.” The hardworking treasurer intimated that when the time comes for him to visit the media houses, the party and Ghanaians would really hear the good works he has done since he assumed that position and form their own conclusions. “In short my good works will win the day for me”,he confidently said.

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