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Digiscape Offers Nigerians A Way Out Of Inconsistent Power Supply With Its “Power Dey Your Hand” Campaign

Nigeria generates around 4,000 MW on most days which is insufficient for a country of over 211 million people, according to the USAID. It is with this in mind that Digiscape, a renewable energy solution company in Lagos has gone all out to ensure Nigerians are enlightened on how they can enjoy constant power supply with their “power dey your hand” campaign. This campaign focused on Lagos as they took to the street to enlighten Lagosians on the benefits of renewable energy.
“’Without reasonable doubt renewable energy has been tested and proven to be a way to enjoy constant and clean energy with numerous advantages.’ Says Imisioluwa Owolabi, company C.E.O.
The campaign debunked popular misconceptions about renewable energy like the saying that renewable energy is for only the rich and that maintenance cost a fortune as one of the core message of its campaign was that renewable energy is for everybody, enumerating that renewable energy requires overall less maintenance than generators that use traditional fuel, due to the fact that renewable technology like solar panels don’t rely on flammable, combustible fuel sources to operate. Fewer maintenance requirements saves money.
The campaign also noted that renewable energy technology uses natural resources, straight from the environment to generate power, consequently it never runs out giving it an advantage over fossil fuel used by most Nigerians, which as a result makes these resources become scarce and increasingly difficult to obtain. The campaign focused on enlightening Nigerians on the better alternative they have.

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